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Thread #6
player outfit
{Dark Team}
Vocation: Titan 1750x
Level: 5463701

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Update Season {3} 

- Add 2 boss after raxias.

1 = Azerus / 2 = Icemage boss


Remove quests promote start from 1240x to 1750x. and add it in shop ingame for mega coin.

fix damage all bosses

fix loot bonus system and add it in game up to 15x without require .. { you can get it for mega coin }

increase loot chance drop from ubers.

remove uber vip quest

add Infinity Devil (EVIL) the last outfit in shop

add Infinity Cod in new bosses area


And much more check it when you join ? 



{ Require to play by vortex client } / No update add in client this season so you can use old client season (2)

26.05.23 08:05:31
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on 26.05.23 08:06:39
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